Black Labrador Retriever Border Collie (Mix)

The Lovable and Energetic Borador - Half Border Collie, Half Labrador

October 15, 2014 – 05:57 pm

Border Collie Labrador

Two years ago, my neighbor brought a puppy over and asked if I wanted her. In fact, it was made clear if I didn't take her off their hands...well, let's just say, I rescued the pup by agreeing to take her. Keikei was eight weeks old at the time and I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to give up a beautiful puppy like the one I was cuddling in my arms. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates the love, loyalty and potential of a good pup. One day while researching dog breeds, I stumbled upon a spitting image of my dog and discovered, she's a Borador, half Labrador Retriever and half Border Collie.

The Labrador Retriever has held onto the most popular breed in the country since 2001. The Border Collie is considered to be the smartest dog around and the Lab is ranked at number seven in intelligence. So the two breeds compliment each other in the Borador. Both breeds are friendly, easy to train, are workaholics, and want to be with their owner. Because the Borador is not a purebred breed, they are not recognized by the AKC.

If you have an active lifestyle, the Borador would be a good fit for you. They love to run, play, swim, and are easy to train. In fact, this dog loves to learn and can quickly pick up new commands. Daily exercise is needed to keep the dog from becoming bored. Like the Border Collie, the Borador has good cornering ability and moves with a smooth, graceful and confident gait.

Boradors are a medium sized dog and are more likely to resemble the Border Collie, but they can also look like a Lab. The coat is low maintenance and ranges from the longer hair of a Border Collie with feathering around the rear end and elbows with longer hairs on the chest and around the ears and black and white markings on the chest and feet, to the smooth shorter coat of the Lab. There is no undercoat and it's low shedding. Their feet are spade shaped and may or may not be webbed.

Whether a Borador has webbed feet, looks like one breed or the other or has a longer or smoother coat depends on the characteristics a dog inherits from the parents. Most Boradors have the herding instinct of the Border Collie. Their nose isn't as good as the Labrador, but their hearing is excellent. This is a loyal, eager, curious, confident, fun loving, affectionate, and happy breed with few health concerns. A common problem in labs is hip-dysplasia and unfortunately, Boradors are prone to the same problem.

A good job for this dog would be therapy work, once they learn good manners and how to stay calm. Agility, herding, search and rescue, or any other dog sport is something a Borador can excel in. They love being around people and are eager to make new friends. The Borador gets along well with dogs that are the same size or larger, but they don't do as well with smaller dogs and may try to intimidate or herd them.


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607-589-7231 (home phone number)
607-426-4562 (cell phone number, but seldom is on)
Please contact me directly if you can help with this transport.
Location: Pioneer, TN (just south of Lexington, KY) to Victor (Rochester), NY
Reason for transport: Transferring a stray Lab that's currently at a rescue in TN (with little chance of being adopted locally) to a Labrador Retriever rescue group in upstate NY.

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