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May 10, 2014 – 08:29 am

(Black Labrador Retriever) (Yellow Labrador Retriever) (Chocolate Labrador Retriever) (Silver Labrador Retriever) (Lab)

"Othello (black 19-month-old Lab) and Hamlet (chocolate 17-month-old Lab) live in the city with mom, but they love to drive out to the country and visit their cousin Jake (yellow 20-month-old Lab). They are all avid swimmers, but when the water isn't available they like the cool concrete during the hot summer months."


This is Oscar the black American Labrador Retriever at 2 years old. He is waiting for his owner to throw him the ball. Notice how his tail is up. That indicates that he is in an excited state of mind. Oscar gets a lot of excited physical exercise playing ball. This type of exercise tires out the body, but keeps the mind in high excitement mode. A pack walk is also needed to exercise and calm the mind.

Adult rescue yellow Labrador Retriever________________________________________

Adult rescue yellow Labrador Retriever

Zeke the chocolate Labrador Retriever at 13 years old—

"This is my puppy Bauer at 3 months old. He is a purebred yellow Labrador Retriever from Heather Hollow Farm Labradors in Hardwick, VT. He likes to sleep a lot and play tug-of-war. He also likes to dig up the yard which mommy and daddy aren't too happy about :-). He loves walks and playing with other dogs. He's a very smart pup and learns very fast. He's practically potty trained—we use the ring the bell on the door system—and he sleeps through the night. He LOVES his crate and will go in by himself when he needs some alone time. He also likes to cuddle on your lap, which could pose a problem when he's 80 lbs. one day :-)"

Zeke the chocolate Labrador Retriever at 13 years old________________________________________

Photo courtesy of Endless Mt. Labradors

"Molly Girl at 2 months—Molly is every bit chocolate Lab, but with none of the horror stories I was warned of! She is not super high energy, probably due in part to the daily exercise I make sure she gets. She is eager to please and extremely loyal. She greets everyone with a wag of the tail and loves to be loved on! As with any dog, consistency is important when training, and thanks to that, and dog parks, Molly is the perfect dog:)"

Seamus Hickey

Ripley the silver Labrador Retriever at 11 months old

Silver Labrador Retriever, photo courtesy of Crist Culo Kennels

Tai the chocolate Lab at 1 year old

Three adorable puppies showing the three Labrador colors, photo courtesy of Mirage Labrador Retrievers

Bauer, the Yellow Lab at 3 months old


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607-589-7231 (home phone number)
607-426-4562 (cell phone number, but seldom is on)
Please contact me directly if you can help with this transport.
Location: Pioneer, TN (just south of Lexington, KY) to Victor (Rochester), NY
Reason for transport: Transferring a stray Lab that's currently at a rescue in TN (with little chance of being adopted locally) to a Labrador Retriever rescue group in upstate NY.

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