Labrador Retriever Dogs

November 14, 2014 – 08:32 pm

  • weight: 55 - 75 pounds
  • height: 21 - 24 inches

Ideal Human Companions

  • Hunters and fishermen
  • Runners and bicyclists
  • Campers and hikers
  • Outdoor sportspeople
  • Families

Trademark Traits

  • Broad, clean-cut head
  • Pendant (hanging) ears
  • Short, thick, weather-proof coat
  • Otter-like tail
  • Natural retrieving skills
  • Fun-loving and free-spirited
  • Easygoing pal
  • Mellow and gentle
  • Patient with children

What They Are Like to Live With

Lacking many personality pitfalls, Labs are not especially aggressive, territorial, whiny, sulky or destructive. However, a Labrador Retriever’s trademark affability can become a little out of control in later years if not checked as a puppy.

Labs are easily trained, being naturally patient and obedient, but they are probably not the best guard dogs. Despite an alert instinct and an excellent sense of smell, they tend to be more friendly than aggressive with people they don’t know. Also, Labs are not particularly noisy, barking only at unknown sounds, yet they’ll often bark protectively when someone approaches your home.

Around the house, Labs are animated and good-natured, playing well with children and other dogs. They like to be involved in family occasions, joining social gatherings in an easygoing way, and they are pretty good about sharing and respecting space.

Labradors tend to get bored when left alone indoors for too long. This can lead to listlessness and destructiveness from all the unspent energy and lack of attention. This breed is happiest and healthiest with plenty of exercise and outdoor play.

Things You Should Know

The life expectancy for Labrador Retrievers is generally 10-12 years. They have relatively few health problems, but are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, ear infections and eye disorders. Labs that are fed too much and exercised too little may develop obesity problems. It’s very important that they get daily exercise along with moderate rations of food.

If possible, Labradors need an average-sized yard. They can manage in an apartment, as long as they get regular walks or visits to the park.

Yet, even in a fenced-in yard Labs can get a little stir-crazy. They have a natural curiosity, a desire for companionship and an uncanny single-mindedness that could drive them to break through a fence or leap over it. For this reason, dog experts recommend clearly marked tags for Labs, and in some cases a traceable microchip implant.

Labrador Retriever History

Labrador Retriever


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607-589-7231 (home phone number)
607-426-4562 (cell phone number, but seldom is on)
Please contact me directly if you can help with this transport.
Location: Pioneer, TN (just south of Lexington, KY) to Victor (Rochester), NY
Reason for transport: Transferring a stray Lab that's currently at a rescue in TN (with little chance of being adopted locally) to a Labrador Retriever rescue group in upstate NY.

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