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Labrador Retriever

Ratings and Attributes

Life Span:10-12 years

Litter Size:8 puppies

Group:Sporting Dog, Gun Dog


Color:Black, Yellow, Chocolate

Hair Length:Short


Shedding:Moderate Shed

Male Height:22-24 in (56-61 cm)

Male Weight:65-80 lbs (27-36 kg)

Female Height:21-23 in (53-58 cm)

Female Weight:55-70 lbs (25-32 kg)

Living Area:Labrador Retrievers do not do well without some kind of yard for exercise. Urban apartments will work only on the condition that you can walk or otherwise exercise your dog on a regular basis. Suburban homes or even rural areas are usually the best in terms of space in order to keep your lab healthy. Rural areas with readily-accessible bodies of water (rivers, lakes, beaches or even ponds) are the best of all.

Energy Level:

Exercise Needs:







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Cold Weather:

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The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular and easily-identifiable dogs in the world. The dog is reasonably large, standing at about two feet at the shoulders and with an extremely heavy and muscular body. Labs have floppy ears, longish noses, long legs relative to their stocky bodies, and distinctive otter-like tails that help them to steer their bodies when swimming. They come in three basic color variations-chocolate, black, and yellow-with a wide variety of shades and hues within those basic colors, anywhere from a foxlike red to a nearly-white shade of lemon.

Labrador Retriever Puppies

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Coat Description

The Laborador Retriever's coat is short and hard to the touch. The coat is sometimes slightly waving across the dog's back, but is otherwise straight. Labs have a distinctive insulating undercoat of soft fur.


The Labrador Retriever, contrary to its name, most probably arose from the St. John's Dogs used for fishing in Newfoundland. The St. John's Dog would go out with the fishermen in their boats and retrieve distant lines or nets of fish, hauling them back to the boat. These early purposes for the dog are the most likely reason for the waterproof coat, rudder-like tail, high endurance, and love of swimming seen in the Labradors of today.

In the late nineteenth century, however, some of the St. John's Dogs were brought to land and trained as gun dogs for aristocratic hunting and retrieving. The more refined dogs became known as "Labrador Dogs" in order to distinguish them from the larger Newfoundland Retriever, developed for some of the same purposes.

The popularity of the newly-christened Labrador Retriever as a gun dog and sporting aid led to the breed spreading worldwide, and today the Labrador Retriever is a highly-recognized and distinctive breed in thousands, if not millions of homes around the globe.


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