Grooming Your Labrador Retriever

November 5, 2013 – 09:46 am

If you dog is having surgery, let the vet shave the area that needs to be shaved. If you see a hot spot, then yes you need to shave the area where the hot spot is to keep it from spreading. Shaving a Lab for routine maintenance is just WRONG. As you can see, I feel very strongly about this issue.

Some people feel they must shave their Lab because all that hair must make the dog hot. WRONG. The undercoat actually keeps the dog cooler.

Some people feel if they shave their Lab they can keep the dog from shedding. WRONG. The dog will still shed. Shedding is natural for a Lab. What it will do is instead of shedding normal undercoat which is fluffy and soft, the dog will shed short, prickly hairs which will poke your skin if you make contact. Short, prickly hairs hurt.

Please don't shave your Lab. Groom it thoroughly instead. Your dog will thank you. Besides, your dog won't be the laughing stock of the neighborhood either.


Now that we have determined that yes indeedy Labs do shed, what can you do when they're in the middle of a spring or fall blow? Plenty without having to resort to shaving.

grooming-supplies.jpg - 31810 BytesThe sooner you get the dead coat out, the sooner the new coat will come in. So get yourself and your dog to one of those "self-serve" dog wash places if you're lucky enough to have one within driving distance of your home. If you don't, you can do this at home but unfortunately you're going to bury yourself in dog hair while you do it. This is why I like the self-serve places. You can leave all the hair there.

Wet the dog with the warmest water you can stand. You want it very warm, but not hot enough to burn the dog's skin. Either use your Zoom Groom or your fingers to work through the coat to loosen it up. You do not need to use shampoo. Work and work through the coat, washing it away and out of the dog.

Then you blow dry. Yep, that's right. Take a blow dryer and blow that coat dry. I will use a wire slicker or pin brush and brush the hair in the opposite direction that I'm blowing in. (I guess I should have warned you not to wear something you want to wear out in public later that day since you're going to be covered in hair) Blow and watch the hair fly. Yes I know I don't normally recommend bathing a Lab, let alone blow drying, but the coat is dead anyway so you aren't doing damage to it. You will be amazed at the amount of hair you get out of your dog.

If you can, try to do this 2-3 times a week and before you know it the dog will be done with the shed.

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I love my "gambles"

I will continue to adopt from and support shelters.
And I will also continue to support reputable breeders. It is the breeders with no regard for the dogs they are producing that need to be targeted. Sure, some of them mean well.
But I'll give you an example. I work at a doggy daycare/grooming shop/training center. A woman brought in her pregnant Golden Retriever for a bath. She had the most AWFUL skin allergies. Her skin was literally black in places. "But she's such a nice dog, and we wanted her to be a mom. She has papers!" That Golden is living a life of discomfort and so will her puppies

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