Labrador Retriever, America'a Favorite Dog

May 16, 2014 – 02:17 pm

My girl SophyThe Labrador Retriever originates from Newfoundland in Canada and was originally known as the St John’s Dog, after the capital city of the province. These dogs were used to drag fishing nets and ropes to shore, and were powerful swimmers.

Some of these St John’s Dogs were taken to England in the early 1800′s. They were crossed with setters and spaniels, and the resulting dogs were the foundation of the breed we now know as the Labrador Retriever. They no longer work alongside fishermen, but are now relied on to retrieve game birds over both land and water.

The AKC recognized the Labrador Retriever as a breed in 1917, and it is now one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Because they are very trainable and have a good work ethic, they are used as assistance dogs for disabled people, drug detection dogs, and rescue and tracking dogs. Endal, a yellow Labrador Retriever who was a service dog for a disabled Gulf War veteran could understand and obey over 100 commands!


The average Lab is a medium sized dog, weighing up to 70lbs and growing as tall as 25 inches at the shoulder. Some labs, informally known as field labs can be taller and have a longer muzzle. They have a solid build, and are very well muscled. Their body is well adapted for the work they did, with webbed toes and a short water resistant double coat. Their thick tail acts as a rudder when they are swimming. These dogs have a very noble head carriage, with dark expressive eyes and pendulous ears.

There is a choice of three colors in this breed – black, yellow and chocolate. Yellow dogs can range from a very light cream color to a “fox red” shade. Some Labradors are a “silver” color, but these are considered to be a variant of the chocolate coat.


Labrador Retrievers are an even tempered, kind and friendly breed, and often appear to be wearing a smile. They love to play, and get on very well with children. If there is water nearby, they’ll be drawn to it like a magnet, and will take every opportunity to go for a swim.

These dogs are known for their intelligence and loyalty. This intelligence means that they can create mischief if they aren’t given enough mental stimulation, especially when they are adolescent. Regular exercise and obedience training will turn your “naughty” dog into a companion that is a pleasure to own.

Anyone who lives with a Labrador will agree that they love their food, and will eat almost anything. This allows you to easily train them with tasty treats, but it also means they have a tendency to gain weight. Those beautiful brown eyes are hard to resist, and just a few extra tidbits a day can add up to extra pounds on the scales.


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I love my "gambles"

I will continue to adopt from and support shelters.
And I will also continue to support reputable breeders. It is the breeders with no regard for the dogs they are producing that need to be targeted. Sure, some of them mean well.
But I'll give you an example. I work at a doggy daycare/grooming shop/training center. A woman brought in her pregnant Golden Retriever for a bath. She had the most AWFUL skin allergies. Her skin was literally black in places. "But she's such a nice dog, and we wanted her to be a mom. She has papers!" That Golden is living a life of discomfort and so will her puppies

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