4-Month Old Itchy Labrador Retriever Puppy

July 31, 2014 – 08:30 am

Black lab puppy with super-soft fur that felt slippery and left an invisible

Labrador Retriever Puppy Itchy All Over

Samantha was the cutest black Labrador Retriever puppy Doc Truli had seen in years. Perfect proportions, beautiful shiny fur, intelligent, calm personality. Just exactly what you hope for when you adopt a Lab puppy. Her mom, Tina, was young. Her sun dress and sandals looked casual, but ready to take a Lab puppy to the park.

“Doc, is she ready to go for puppy training classes?” asked Tina, “We signed up at the dog sports club to start classes on Friday.” OMG! What an awesome dog mommy.

“You can take her at any time. Her vaccines are up to date and you do not have to wait until they are all given to start training and socializing her in public, ” said Doc Truli.

“I have one question, ” said Samantha’s perfect mommy, “she seems itchy all over. Is there anything I can do for her?”

Indeed, Samantha the black Labrador puppy was very, very itchy. During the 20 minute consultation, she licked her front legs, scratched her ribcage with her hind leg, licked her thigh and scratched behind her ear. Doc was surprised. This puppy had no dandruff, no fleas or “flea dirt” (little black specks of digested blood from flea excrement). She looked the picture of health. Food allergies are common in Labs, but they usually express themselves after 6-12 months of eating the same ingredients day in and day out (beef, chicken, corn, soy, and egg in the US, lamb in Australia, for example). Maybe she’s a really young food allergic lab.

“I’ve been using baby shampoo from the store, should I switch shampoos?” asked Tina.

“Dog shampoos are formulated especially for their skin, ” said Doc Truli, petting the puppy, while she thought about the itchiness. She is incredibly soft and smooth, and her fur is shinier than I’ve ever seen on a puppy.

“You know, ” said Doc Truli, ”Samantha feels like bed sheets feel after you’ve washed them and then used dryer sheets. I’ve even got this invisible coating on my hands.”

“I was just thinking, ‘What’s this coating on my hands after I pet her?’” said Samantha’s mom. “You know, it does feel like dryer sheets. And I wash her bedding with dryer sheets three times a week.

Doc Truli said, “Did you know those dryer sheets are potentially toxic?” I even wrote an article about it.

“I’m going to stop using them right away and see if the puppy stops being itchy.”

4 weeks later, we had a perfect bill of health! Samantha felt a little less supernaturally silky, but she was 100% comfortable!

Source: virtuavet.wordpress.com

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