Common Labrador Health Problems and Concerns

July 8, 2013 – 11:52 am

Labrador health concerns include skin problems such as this Lab with atopic dermatitis, a seasonal allergy caused by inhaled allergens such as pollen
Source: Washington State University

Labrador Stomach Health

A serious stomach problem among Labradors is gastric torsion otherwise known as bloat.

This condition appears when the stomach becomes twisted, trapping undigested food and gases. This leads to a rapid swelling in the abdomen and cause serious pain and death if not immediately treated.

Labrador Cancer

Another threat to Labrador health is the which is an increasing problem, threatening the lives of even younger labs.

Other labrador health and cancer related problems to watch for are which is a malignant (cancerous) bone tumor and .

In unspayed females, beware of problems such as . Palpitate the mammary glands of your dog for small pea size lumps if this is of concern.

Other Labrador Health Problems

Other include epilepsy, osteoarthritis - prevalent in older dogs, heart disease and (also see our information on a and . Many of these diseases are associated with the breed's propensity to put on weight.

Obesity is the cause of many Labrador health problems and can be avoided by feeding your Lab a healthy diet and allowing it plenty of regular exercise.

Many problems, such as myopathy, are inherited, the product of over breeding down the years, so when acquiring a Lab, it is crucial to buy from a breeder who is able to check for inherited disorders.

Labrador Behavior

One thing that many of us worry about is leaving our Labs home alone. For more information on this see our page on .

Labrador Retriever Lifespan

By the way if you are concerned with how long your Lab will be with you visit our page for some reassurance.

Labrador Disease Prevention

Obviously precautions need to be taken against the puppy contracting some of the more awful diseases and this includes vaccination. Your Lab puppy simply must be given vaccines. For more information visit our page on .

As with any breed of dog prevention is always better than cure. That means regular exercise as well as regular check ups at the vets. As well as giving a thorough examination, the vet will also immunise your Lab against heartworms and fleas. For information and advice of finding the right health care provider for your dog see our page on .

Veterinary fees can be expensive, but prevention is better than cure in negating possible problems with your dogs health. But, it is of course essential that you use the services of the best vet for your Lab. Also consider low cost pet health insurance, such as policies offered by .


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