Killingworth Labrador Retrievers

August 22, 2013 – 09:30 am

The Killingworth lines have been developed over the last 50 years. Established in 1959 by Lorraine Robbenhaar-Taylor, they have proven successful in all Labrador uses.

Established on field trial lines, Lorraine developed interest in bench dogs that would suit serious hunters, while also providing the owners with a stable loving family pet. In the sixties, after discarding a number of lines for various reasons, she found CH Annwyn’s Jack O’Diamonds, “Nobby” and found all the attributes she was looking for in her ideal. Lorraine began to set her line on this fantastic dog. CH Annwyn’s Shedrow sired Nobby and his dam was CH Lisnamallard Tarantella. The superior temperament, working ability, excellent conformation, soundness and the genetic strength for these qualities are the base Lorraine used to found the Killingworth Lines.

Ultimately, Lorraine’s ideal was found in CH Killingworth’s Thunderson, WC. He was an excellent working dog, had an impeccable temperament
and could truly be called a prepotent stud dog. Currently the Killingworth lines stress the combinations of line bred Thunder get and grand-get with
English imports.

All pedigrees include combinations of CH Killingworth’s Thunderson, WC, CH Clemmsen of Killingworth, who is the only chocolate dog to win Best of Breed at the Westminster Show, to date and CH Kupros Spartacus, an English import. Outstanding progeny has been produced in the development of these lines.

Lorraine moved her kennel from her original home in Connecticut to Maine, in the early 90′s. Lorraine continued her success in Harrison, Maine, carefully planning and developing her ideals for the breed. In 2000 Lorraine began mentoring and teaching Darlene Alander-Ginsberg, who will maintain and continue this extraordinary line of Labs.

We have an number of show prospect, our first Champion in a number of years as well as a number of dogs who are being trained as gun dogs, and we have plans to begin field work with others.

The lines are known foremost for their wonderful temperament, outstanding conformation and genetic soundness. Extreme care is taken with each breeding, Dams are never over bred and Sires always carry titles. It is with love and family type care this extraordinary line continues under Lorraine Robbenhaar-Taylor’s guidance and Darlene’s efforts.

Lorraine is now serving on the AKC judges panel and presents lectures for judges of Labrador Retrievers as well as assisting in assignments of judges for the show ring.

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