Little Known Facts about Labrador Retrievers

August 13, 2014 – 10:39 am

Labrador retrievers never fail to amaze many people around the world who had or is having the opportunity of spending a part of their lives with this loyal canine breed. Here are some little known facts about this all-time favorite dog breed—

• Labrador Retrievers are powerful swimmers. They have webbed toes and an otter-like tail that helps make them good swimmers. The tail also serves as rudder to help steer into the right direction.

• A Labrador Retriever’s webbed toes also serve as snowshoes to keep snow from accumulating between their toes.

• Labrador Retrievers are waterproof. Their hair coat is a distinctive feature. They have a double coat—the soft undercoat is weather-resistant and acts as an insulating layer that protects the dog from extreme cold, from getting wet, or from any type of terrain or ground cover while the dense straight outer coat is coarse reinforces the hair coat’s waterproof quality. The soft undercoat also allows the body’s natural oils to repel moisture.

• Labrador retrievers also shed their coat. Although they don’t shed as much as German Shepherds or Alaskan Malamutes, they shed their hair coat twice a year in a process which has been called “blowing” their coat.

• Labrador Retrievers are non-territorial thus they don’t make excellent guard dogs. They are over-friendly even with strangers.

• The Labrador Retriever had always dominated the American Retriever field trials in terms of obedience, speed, and efficiency.
• There are two recognized lines of Labrador Retrievers—the short and stocky English Labs and the American labs

• Labs are known for their voracious appetites. They will never turn down food that you put in front of them except when they’re not feeling well. One of the most common negative behaviors that need to be curtailed is begging at the dinner table. When you give in to their long faces and pleading eyes and give them much more food than they need each day, you can easily have one obese Labrador retriever in your home. Obesity in this dog breed has been associated with important disease conditions such as hip dysplasia and diabetes mellitus. A Lab’s voracious appetite should also be an important reason to engage in regular exercise and activity.


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