Labrador Retrievers eating Chocolate

Proper Feeding of a Labrador Retriever

September 10, 2014 – 02:37 pm

Chocolate Labrador retriever

The Labrador Retriever should consume a diet that is rich in fish, poultry, lamb and green vegetables. Foods to avoid feeding a Labrador Retriever include beef, beets, corn and soy.

Commercial pet foods that I recommend include:

  • Orijen: The only dry food I recommend. For a Labrador Retriever, I like their adult dog and 6 fish dog food.
  • Wellness: Good quality food. They have a chicken and sweet potato as well as a whitefish and sweet potato variety.
  • Nature's Variety Instinct or Prairie. Good quality food and ingredients.
  • Weruva. Great quality food.
  • Merrick. I like their Wingaling and Smothered Comfort.

Also all Labrador Retrievers should be on essential fatty acids. My favorite fish oil brand is Nordic Natural. They have pet line and make a very high quality product.

How to Feed a Labrador Retriever

Now, that you know what to feed a Labrador Retriever, lets move on to how to feed a Labrador Retriever? Because of its tremendous appetite the Labrador Retriever should eat twice a day and the amount of food that you feed them has to be measured. The Labrador Retriever cannot be "free fed" because it will over eat resulting in obesity. High calorie dog treats must be limited. Ideal treats for the Labrador Retriever are low calorie green beans.


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Yes, the Golden Retriever and the

Are two different breeds. Golden Retreivers have medium to longer coats and the color ranges from a pale yellow (almost white) to a deep rich red color. Labrador Retrievers are short coated and come in three colors, yellow (ranging from almost white to a dark tan), chocolate, and black.
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