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December 11, 2014 – 10:03 pm

AKC English Yellow Labrador
Riverchase Alexander Pooh Bear Born:

AKC English Labrador, Championship Bloodlines, Yellow and nice full coat. Nice broad head, otter tail. He has been OFA certified. He is a proud Papa of his first litter of puppies. He is very sweet and loves everyone he comes in contact with. We are proud to have him.

Riverchase Savannah at Hidden Acres Born:

AKC Black English Labrador female. Championship Bloodlines. Personality Plus and total water dog. If there is a bucket of water around, no matter how small, she tries to fit in it. Our hope is she will be our future dam for gorgeous English pups out of our Alex.

Freeway Born: 15 years ago

We found Freeway on the side of Hwy 20 in a bad curve on Superbowl Sunday 13 years ago and no one ever claimed him. Soooo, we gave him a home and love ever since. He's old now, but still loves us like he did that first day when he jumped into the back of our truck and came home with us.
Freeway has now gone home to a bigger lake with plenty of tennis balls and energy to chase them. He lived to a ripe old age of 16. We miss him terribly.

Haley Born:

AKC English Labrador Retriever. Championship Bloodlines. Beautiful yellow, thick coat female. First litter with Alex has produced beautiful puppies. Pictures of them are below mom and dad's.

Alex and Haley's Trio Born:

English Lab pups with Champions on both of their parents sides. One male and one female is left out of a litter of 6. We call the male AJ after his dad Alex. He looks just like Alex did at this age. They will be 9 weeks old on 4/10/10. Immunized and complete in worming as well as vet checked before leaving our place.

Alex's girl #1 Born:

AKC English Lab female, championship bloodlines from both parents. Beautiful English girl that will be a wonderful addition to any family.

$750 SOLD

Alex's Girl #2...

Source: www.hiddenacresfarms.com

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