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Cross breed between Labrador Retriever/English

July 26, 2013 – 07:11 am

Labrador Retriever Life Cycle

The Labradinger is a cross between the Labrador Retriever and the English Springer Spaniel, two working breeds that have turned out to be cheerful, friendly, energetic family animals. The Labradinger is a medium-sized dog that has inherited its parent breeds' lively disposition, willingness to obey and eagerness to please. It is a breed that does not do well alone, and needs to be with its people as much as possible. The English Springer Spaniel came from the same litter as the English Cocker Spaniel, and it is easy to mistake one for the other. However, the two are distinctly separate breeds now, with the Springer having two more discrete lines, show and field. The show breed has occasionally been in reports as showing the rage syndrome. Spaniels are prized as hunters, primarily of bird, because of their nose, endurance, ability to 'spring' or 'flush' their prey, and soft mouth (the ability to carry prey in the mouth and deliver it intact).


The Labradinger can show either solid Labrador colors, o the Springer's more varied coat colors: white markings on black or liver, black or liver markings on white, liver or blue roan, and tri-colored.


The overcoat can be relatively long and slightly shaggy towards the ends, with either flat or wavy hair. The undercoat is softer and thicker. A longer fringe may appear around the legs, chest, belly, and ears.


The Labradinger is the ideal family dog: fun-loving, active, eager to please. Over-dependency, though, may sometimes lead to destructive behavior if the dog is left on its own. Natural alertness and intelligence makes this dog a good hunting companion as well, as it can be trained for several hunting skills. The sociability of the Labradinger extends to other animals; quarrels, however, might break out among dogs of the same breed if left alone for too long. Also, perhaps due to birds being its original hunting quarry, the Labradinger should not be placed with birds. The Labradinger can be easily sensitive to long periods of boredom or loneliness. This can translate to chewed furniture or scattered items in the house.


The Labradinger's long ears are prone to infections; these should be carefully dried after washing or playing/hunting around water, and regularly checked, The coat should be brushed twice or thrice a week, especially during shedding. Mats and snarls in the longer portions should be combed out or trimmed, for a neat appearance.


Source: www.petyourdog.com

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All have been big dogs:

Cheasapeke Bay - good swimming companions, don't want to get out of the water! I don't think I would get another one, you only can own so many dogs at one time!
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Would own another one, if their health improves.
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