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October 23, 2014 – 06:34 pm

Servant's Labradors, breeders of the Labrador Retrievers and establish in 1995, and this is a professional Labrador breeder, and breeding Labs to the AKC standard. The goals are to breed for mellow temperament, physical soundness, and breeding for intelligent Labs for easy training. We are located in California near LA, Orange County, and San Diego, Hemet, Temecula, Palm Spring, not too far from Nevada and Arizona. Customers will drive from Northern California such as the Bay Area and other near by states for a Labrador puppy or a adult Labrador dog.

The Labrador Retriever dogs of Servant's Labradors comes from some strong lines of well known and famous show champion lines. Great history blood lines are here along with current well known lines of English and American show type. You will find not just some wonderful yellow Labradors here but you will find the beautiful black Labradors.

If you are looking for a great family companion Labrador pet that has a good temperament and with the sweet soft face look than you will not be disappointed in anyone of these Labrador Retrievers puppies. All you need to do is commit your heart to a good long loving relationship with a desire to train your Labrador puppy so as to produce a excellent companion for the family to enjoy. So, check out this Labrador Retrievers website and enjoy yourself and discover how wonderful these Labradors really are. To see available puppies or upcoming litter click on link


"At the LRCSC Specialty Show"


Open Memorial Weekend and Holiday and Honoring the US Vets with a Discount

Good News, currently have One Yellow Labrador Puppy


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All have been big dogs:

Cheasapeke Bay - good swimming companions, don't want to get out of the water! I don't think I would get another one, you only can own so many dogs at one time!
Labrador - happy dog, they sure shed alot!, again just not my style.
Golden Retriever - - bad health, all our goldens have died from cancer! Much too heartbreaking! You just get where you don't want to cry anymore! My first "own" golden was an awesome agility dog, he could climb anything!
Would own another one, if their health improves.
Alaskan Malamute - Love them to pieces! I have had bad luck with temp

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