English Labrador Retriever Testimonials

March 8, 2014 – 08:00 am

Shown below are unsolicited photos and testimonials that we have received from our many satisfied Labrador Retriever puppy buyers over the years. We're always adding pictures and comments from previous buyers, so be sure to bookmark this page and drop by often!

Rex & Theresa,

Thanks so much again. I'm sure it was a hard thing for you to do. Wyatt is doing really well. He seems to be very much at home so far. Mary (chocolate female) seems to be playing hard to get, but warming up slowly. I think Sally is old enough that she just really doesn't care. : ) The girls are giving him lots of attention.

Chris, Karen, Jenna, and Lindsey


Merry Christmas Theresa and Rex, 2009

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Walter. He is the most loyal, lovable and listening lab we have ever owned. He loves to be a part of everything and would be just as happy to watch Zoe fetch her balls as he can be a bit lazy! His favorite things are small logs and doing whatever Madison asks of him. We have been blessed with all of our animals because they love each other.
I hope you and your family have a Blessed Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Jeff, Susan, Gabby, Madison, Zoe "Black Lab", Ty "Brown Point Himalayan", Walter "Yellow Lab" and Max "Maine Coon Kitten"

Here is a photo of our daughter Lucy and her "puppy" Daisy Jane. We brought Daisy home last January and cannot sing her praises enough. She is the very best dog we have ever met. Loving, kind, intuitive and gentle.
Thanks a million. We always recommend Klondike Labs. You are one in a million!
Blessings to you,
Matt, Linda, Kimmie, Kelly, Ryan and Lucy Sanford.


This is a picture of Emma and Abby. Abby is one of Maggie and Hershey's pups.

She is loved by her big sister Emma and John and Robin Roon.

We breed quality along with temperament.

This is Max sitting along side the love of his life Leah. Looks like he stole her heart.

Colin and Max had a great time getting their picture taken, look at that smile. We were truly blessed after receiving this picture.

These pictures are Christmas 2009. The white pup is a Hershey and Kami pup and his name is Jonas.

Clyde is a Hershey and Maggie pup. Looks like he may be in trouble.

Hello Rex and Theresa Divens,

We wanted to update you on Sadie. Yes we have moved again. I think we finally found the right place. We are currently in Bendersville, PA just north of Gettysburg. Sadie is loving our spacious new home. Santa brought her a big new bed for Christmas and it is her favorite spot in the house. (When she is not glued to your heals). She loves to be where ever we are. If the family is split in the house she will find a spot in the middle as not to miss a movement. She is a very quiet dog. However if she hears or sees someone to close to the house she lets you know. Everyone comments on how sweet she is. She loves to socialize with other dogs. She loves to walk to the bus stop to get Jagger on or off the bus. We thank you for Maggie and Hershey for the good genes. We could have never asked for a better dog. I can't believe how quickly the past year has gone. It is hard to remember when she was small. She was so easy to train and so eager to please. Thank you Divens family, Sadie has been the biggest blessing to our family. God Bless all and Happy New Year.

Sincerely, Dan and Jen Small

This is Sadie (black female) and Joey (white male) both from Hershey and Maggie. Looks like Sadie is mothering her little brother and making him feel right at home.

Source: klondikelabradors.com

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