Labrador Retriever breeder Lovelady 22269We found 337 Labrador Retriever breeders in the USA and Canada.

Breeder: Windbush Kennel
Town/City: Coulterville
State: IL 62237
Stud Service Available: No
Rescue Service Available:

We train and breed AKC registered dilute Labrador retrievers. All our breeding stock are DNA tested and cleared for EIC, DM, CMN, hips are good. Trained for HRC hunt test. We also provide training for Hunt testing and hunting skills. We have two to three litters yearly of light silvers, dark silver, and SF black and chocolate puppies. . more

Breeder: Allen Chief Loyal Labs
Town/City: Lovelady
State: TX 75851
Stud Service Available: No
Rescue Service Available:

Labrador Retriever breeder Prior Lake 13475Full blood Labrador retrievers were all bought as puppies and have been raised on our place. Our oldest female will have her first litter of puppies in June of 2014. All of our dogs have come from an excellent line of hunting dogs from different parts of the state. Our male will start going to hunting trials this summer with hopes of getting titles behind his name. We live on 5 acres so the dogs h . more

Breeder: Harvest Moon Retrievers
Town/City: Prior Lake
State: MN 55372
Stud Service Available: Yes
Rescue Service Available:

Labrador Retriever breeder Ansley 22262Breeding the finest English Labradors and European English Springer Spaniels any money can buy. Harvest Moon Retrievers believes that temperament, soundness, good looks, and hunting ability go hand in hand. There is no reason that a gorgeous dog can't work or that a working dog can't be wonderful to look at. In our selective breeding program, we use only hip, eye and elbow clear stock i . more

Breeder: Sandy Meadow Pups
Town/City: Ansley
State: NE 68814
Stud Service Available: No
Rescue Service Available:

Labrador Retriever breeder Mount Juliet 21934Here at Sandy Meadow Pups, we make it our mission to provide you with outstanding puppies that meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you are looking for a family pet or a hunting companion, we have a puppy for you. We live on an acreage north of Ansley, NE where our dogs have plenty of space to roam. Because we are a small family breeder, all of our puppies get an abundance of attention and . more

Breeder: Johnson's Labrador Retrievers
Town/City: Mount Juliet
State: TN 37122
Stud Service Available: Yes
Rescue Service Available:

Johnson's Labrador Retrievers is focused on providing high-quality service. We breed only top quality Labrador Retrievers. We are licensed in the state of Tennessee. Labrador Retrievers are Americans top choice purebred dogs. They have great temperament's and are great around kids and other pets. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll find what your looking f . more

Town/City: Reddick


Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Year Book 1980-1981 Margaret Williams Photos & Articles Standard
Book (Labrador Retriever Club of Wales)

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Sweet Golden (Yellow) Labrador in Wisconsin Puppies
Sweet Golden (Yellow) Labrador in Wisconsin Puppies

"Block head."

That's perfectly normal (the loose skin,) and it's normal for him to have a blocky head.'s preferred. It's known as an "English" Labrador Retriever or a "Blockhead."
As long as you had him checked by a Veterinarian to determine his HW status, then HeartGard is a good chewable HW preventative.

Clementoni Laying on the Books 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Clementoni
Toy (Clementoni)
  • Puzzle featuring a labrador retriever puppy laying on books about his breed
  • 1 interlocking pieces
  • Printed on anti-reflection paper
  • Measures 27 1/3 19 1/3
Weavebytes Infotech Pvt Ltd Dog Breeds
Mobile Application (Weavebytes Infotech Pvt Ltd)
  • This app provides description about various dog breeds.
  • One can also search dogs by categories and traits.
  • Following are some of the dog breeds described in this app:-
  • * Affenpinscher
  • * Afghan Hound
  • * Airedale Terrier
  • * Akita
  • * Alaskan Malamute
  • * American English Coonhound
  • * American Eskimo Dog

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