Quality Female Labrador Retrievers

March 17, 2014 – 01:28 pm

ChloeWaterdog's Way to Go Chloe JH "Chloe"

Third generation dog from our own breeding program. She is a daughter of Zoey ( dam) and grand daughter of Wizard (sire). Chloe holds an AKC Junior Hunt (JH) title. Exceptional disposition. Very calm - take anywhere kind of dog. Full sister to Celie. Not as strong of an upland dog as her sister, but good retriever with a great nose. Beautiful girl!

CelieWaterdog's Leading Lady ("Celie")

Third generation dog from our own breeding program. She is a daughter of Zoey (dam) and grand daughter of Wizard (sire). Exceptional disposition. Very Calm—take anywhere kind of dog. She is developing into a wonderful upland dog. She is a full sister to Chloe.

Waterdog's Shea's Irish Luck ("Shea")

SheaAlot of dog in a little package! She is a smaller female made up of drive and desire. She has turned into an excellent pheasant dog.

Waterdog's When it Really Matters ("Maddie")

Maddie is a sweet natured, quiet house dog that loves to retrieve. She is a good marker and a strong swimmer. She is a beautiful fox red color with OFA Excellent hips and is EIC clear.

SHR Waterdog's Reggie

Reggie is a small, fun loving, well built girl. She is personality plus! Affectionately called "Party Girl" by our family, she always seems to be asking "Where is the party?" Reggie has a Started Hunting Retriever title through UKC ( United Kennel Club).

Maddie Reggie

Source: www.waterdogspecialties.com

Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Year Book 1980-1981 Margaret Williams Photos & Articles Standard
Book (Labrador Retriever Club of Wales)

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"Block head."

That's perfectly normal (the loose skin,) and it's normal for him to have a blocky head. Actually...it's preferred. It's known as an "English" Labrador Retriever or a "Blockhead."
As long as you had him checked by a Veterinarian to determine his HW status, then HeartGard is a good chewable HW preventative.

Clementoni Laying on the Books 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Clementoni
Toy (Clementoni)
  • Puzzle featuring a labrador retriever puppy laying on books about his breed
  • 1 interlocking pieces
  • Printed on anti-reflection paper
  • Measures 27 1/3 19 1/3
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  • One can also search dogs by categories and traits.
  • Following are some of the dog breeds described in this app:-
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