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April 13, 2014 – 12:52 pm

Submitted by: Jen Baker on Jun 18,2012

We bought our yellow lab "Green Acres Koda" nearly seven years ago and she has been the most AMAZING dog. Not only is she beautiful,she is incredibly smart. She is wonderful with children and we could not have picked a better dog if we tried. I would definitely come back to Green Acres in the future!

Submitted by: Rachel Davison on Apr 13,2012

We bought our female chocolate lab puppy from Green Acres Kennel in Nov 2011. Lola is now 7 months old and a solid muscular 50lbs. We get compliments on her everywhere we go...her colour especially as she is the darkest chocolate colour we have ever seen,absolutely gorgeous and the cutest face you have ever seen. Full of energy,social,playful and affectionate and already well trained,she has been an incredible addition to our home. Thanks to Laurie and Green Acres we have the most beautiful lab puppy around!!
The Davison family

Submitted by: Jennifer Paterson on Mar 22,2012

I bought my chocolate lab,"Greenacres Super Samson" just over 4 years ago. He is one of the smartest and most well behaved dogs ever. He was easy to train,loves the outdoors and would play fetch for hours on end (if you would played this long). He is truly a delight and I would recommend Greenacres 100%. My vet has asked where he was bred as she hasn't seen a fitter,more behaved chocolate lab.

Submitted by: Shelley McKeen on Mar 17,2012

We bought our pet "Green Acres Chocolate Kodi" affectionately know as "Kodi" from Laurie Charron 11 years ago. Kodi has been a most wonderful pet. Although she was never trained as a hunter as she is timid of loud noises. She is a wonderful retriever and still loves a good game of "fetch" the ball. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Green Acres Kennel in Florence ON. We truly love our "Chocolate Kodi".

Submitted by: jeff johnston on Jan 31,2012

i bought my lab from greenacres over 8 years ago,he's been the best family protector,friend,and companion,he truly is a member of our family,i wouldn't think twice about recommending greenacres,you guys breed one helluva dog!!!Greenacres Kennel


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