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August 10, 2013 – 08:38 am

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Country of Origin: Greenland /Newfoundland
Size: Large
Weight: 30-40 kilograms
Dogs 56 – 57 cms at withers
Bitches 55 – 56 cms at withers
Grooming Requirements: Low
Exercise Requirements: High
Popularity in Australia: – Australia’s seventh most popular dog
Dog Type: Gundog
Most suited As: Family Pet.
Also known as: Labrador, Lab, Labs
Expected Life Span: 12 years but much older is not uncommon

The Labrador Retriever though the world’s most popular dog, and until recently, Australia’s most popular dog, came in at 7 on the most popular dog list in Australia in 2010 based on registrations. Likely this is an anomaly and the friendly yet intelligent temperaments, their soft mouths and their low grooming requirements are sure to have them back at the top of the list in the not too distant future.

Labradors have a double coat made up of a soft downy undercoat that keeps them warm them in cold water, and a hard outer coat that helps them repel water. their coat is short but dense, expect them to drop a lot of fur when they shed. Their head is broad by clean cut in shape with hanging but not overlong ears ears. Tail is otterlike, thick at the base tapering to a narrower point. Chest is well sprung and barrel like.

Their attractive appearance is matched by their demeanor which is one of alertness, intelligence and friendliness.

Labradors come in black, chocolate and yellow, the yellow Labrador being a totally separate breed to the golden Retriever though to the untrained observer the two breeds share similarities of appearance, especially height, colour and body structure ratios.


Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Year Book 1980-1981 Margaret Williams Photos & Articles Standard
Book (Labrador Retriever Club of Wales)

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"Block head."

That's perfectly normal (the loose skin,) and it's normal for him to have a blocky head.'s preferred. It's known as an "English" Labrador Retriever or a "Blockhead."
As long as you had him checked by a Veterinarian to determine his HW status, then HeartGard is a good chewable HW preventative.

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