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Adopting a Rescued Lab

August 21, 2014 – 11:53 am

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DLRR currently serves the greater Phoenix and Tucson areas. We also have limited resources throughout the state, so if you are outside those areas, contact us to see if we serve your area. We cannot adopt dogs to people outside Arizona. DLRR does its best to match the right dog with the right family by finding out as much as possible about the potential adoptive family before placing a dog. If you are interested in knowing what dogs we have available, please visit our Adoptable Dogs page!

  • Puppies up to 6 months old = $375
  • 6 months - 4 years = $325
  • 5-8 years = $275
  • 9 years and over = $175
60% of the adoption fee is considered a tax-deductible donation.
Adoption fees include spaying and neutering, necessary vaccinations, microchipping,
and pay for medical care for the dogs while they are in our care.

All dogs placed by DLRR will be spayed or neutered. This not only prevents overpopulation of dogs, but it is also beneficial to the dog's health. Several ailments, including some types of cancer, are prevented by spaying or neutering. We sometimes get puppies into rescue, but if you are not willing to wait and are interested in a Lab puppy, please contact our president for a referral to a reputable breeder. Most of the dogs we get into rescue are young adults who have outgrown their puppy cuteness and are quite active. Often, the dog's family did not realize how much work it takes to have a well-behaved adult dog and opt not to invest their time in it.

Steps to Adopting a Dog:

1. Make sure a Lab is for you.
Read our information page, read books about Labs, and educate yourself as much as you can about the breed. If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact us. Talk it over with everyone in your household, and make sure that everyone feels the same way about it that you do. Think about your schedule, and decide when you will have time to spend with your dog. Who will be responsible for taking care of the dog? Finally, take a look at your home. Where will the dog sleep? Eat? Once you have considered all the aspects of having a loving, active companion, you are ready to think about adopting a Lab.

2. Fill out our Adoption Application
Complete our online adoption application. We reserve the right to refuse any application for any reason.

3. A DLRR representative will contact you for a home visit
One of our volunteers will contact you to arrange to visit your home. The volunteer will come to your home to meet your family and listen to your needs. This helps to determine whether the home is the proper environment for a Labrador Retriever and what type of Lab would be best suited for the family.


Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Year Book 1980-1981 Margaret Williams Photos & Articles Standard
Book (Labrador Retriever Club of Wales)

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