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July 11, 2013 – 11:46 am

Labrador Retriever

Pedigree Stud - Breeding Dog's (Sire)

8 Labrador Retriever (Male): Pilgrim

UH HRCH MHR Maranatha Pilgrim of Kerales MD CD WCX, is very intelligent and tractable. To date, in the spring of 2005, he earned his HRC Master Hunter Champion title giving him his "third" Master Hunter Title...(AKC, NAHRA, and HRC). He has three (3) OTCH's (Obedience Champions) in his pedigree; mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Pilgrim is pleasingly biddable from his line of pedigree.

His looks and demeanor exemplifies the Labrador Retriever so sought after today. It's no wonder that he turns heads in the field. He also has tremendous marking ability and his intense desire is obvious. He loves to work, and will do whatever is requested. His diligence has earned him two different Master Hunter Titles. The flip side to this boy of ours is he also loves to play and his favorite spot is near the fireplace.

Pilgrim is out of AFC Hawkey's BR Buddy; also a proven Stud who has qualified many times over in the National Amateur Field Trial Stakes. He is a handsome and rugged 80lb. plus dog who is extremely sensible and hard driving with the wonderful Labrador temperament. His pedigree includes many of the top producing and winning Labs of all times.

Pilgrim's mother is OTCH Winfield's Leap of Faith UD (Isis). She was the "first" clicker trained Obedience Trial Champions (OTCH) in the country. In 1999, Isis was ranked #2 Labrador in the country, and was ranked #12 dog nationally for the number of dogs defeated in competition after only seven months of competing. She has earned dozens of High in Trials and High Combined, and was a force to be reckoned with when she stepped into the obedience ring. She also placed fourth in the Super dog Division of the Eastern Regional Gaines Obedience Tournament.

Photo Album | Black Labrador | Sire | PilgrimPilgrim is OFA - Excellent - Penn-Hip 80% 0.36 in both hips

Elbow - Normal

Eyes - Checked Annually

Color DNA - By (black carrying the yellow gene)

Information: "Girls" coming in for breeding

u Pricing subject to change without notice.

u Females must have have all clearance certificates, and current negative Brucellosis test.

u Airport transportation fees, boarding fees, veterinary service fees may be applicable and are the responsibility of the owner of the female.

u All breeding's to Maranatha Kennels Labrador Retriever stud dogs will be listed in our web page "free" of charge.

Stud Fee - $1000.00 Prophet and Pledge.(Limited use on Pledge)

26 Junes Way

West Buxton, ME

Telephone: 207-929-5941

The American Kennel Club has many events in which titles are offered. Dogs who achieve these titles are entitled to have them listed on their pedigrees and certificates, and in event catalogues. These titles become an official part of a dog’s record with the AKC.

Some titles are appended to the beginning of a dog's name, and others are appended after the dog's name. Note that titles earned in a foreign country, or under non-AKC rules and regulations, are not shown on AKC pedigrees, certificates, or event catalogs.

Photo Album | Pilgrim


Labrador Retriever Club of Wales Year Book 1980-1981 Margaret Williams Photos & Articles Standard
Book (Labrador Retriever Club of Wales)

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"Block head."

That's perfectly normal (the loose skin,) and it's normal for him to have a blocky head.'s preferred. It's known as an "English" Labrador Retriever or a "Blockhead."
As long as you had him checked by a Veterinarian to determine his HW status, then HeartGard is a good chewable HW preventative.

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