What Is The Best Dog Food For Your Labrador Retriever?

March 7, 2013 – 01:19 pm

yellow labIf you love your Labrador as much as I suspect, you will only want the best food for them.

Labradors are an active breed. They need their time at the dog park or out hunting with you. Daily exercise is key for avoiding obesity and joint problems.

However, you may wish to alter your food choices based on their activity level. If you are feeding a high-protein food but your dog doesn’t get much of a chance to exercises (such as in the wintertime), you may need to reduce their quantity amount to keep them from becoming overweight.

Too many dog foods have a large number of fillers in them. This not only means that your dog gets less usable calories, it also means that you need to feed them more in order to keep them nourished. The foods we review here are in an entirely different class. You will often need to greatly decrease the amount of food you put in their bowl because they are getting less corn and more meat. Each food will provide feeding guidelines based on weight.

blue wilderness dog foodYou will find that I am a huge fan of feeding your dog as naturally as possible. Most of us do not have the time to dedicate to feeding our loved one a raw diet. However, there are several dog foods on the market that are nearly as good and are a great way to give your dog top-notch nutrition without sacrificing convenience from your busy lifestyle.

Labrador Kibble #1: Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo is one of the absolutely best brands of dog food you can buy. And, when you compare it with all of the other high-end formulas, it is priced about perfectly.

What I like about Blue Buffalo for labs is that it is such a hypoallergenic formula. They don’t really market it as such, but when you go through the ingredients, you quickly pick up in the fact that it is grain free with no artificial preservatives or soy. Avoiding these common allergens are key for ensuring that your Labrador has a healthy coat and no gastrointestinal distress.

taste of the wild salmon hypo allergenic dog foodSecondly, I am a big fan of their salmon formula. Some labs tend to struggle with coat problems, and this formula helps circumvent that by providing a meal rich in essential fatty acids. Most lab owners find that their dogs’s coat has never looked better than when on Blue Buffalo.

This is probably the closest thing you can get to feeding them a raw diet without actually chopping the meat yourself.

Labrador Kibble #2: Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Formula

If you are wanting a supremely economical option that doesn’t detract any value from your lab’s diet, you need to take a good look at Taste Of The Wild. Read through the reviews on Amazon. It’s pretty impressive.

What I like about this formula is the all-natural ingredients. You get smoked salmon and fruits and veggies. What more could you need?

As with the Blue Buffalo formula, this one is grainless. However, they go a little heavier on the potatoes as “filler”. While this is nowhere nearly as egregious as Blue Buffalo, it does bump it down in my opinion.

That said, they really redeem themselves with the fermented food products. A lot of research has been done on the benefit of fermented food in both the human and canine diet. Fermeneted foods help create an optimally healthy gastrointestinal tract to cut down on gas and boost the immune system.

And, you’ll see that I am still recommending the salmon formula for the better skin and coat protection.

Source: www.dogsbynina.com

Royal Canin Royal Canin Dry Dog Food, Labrador Retriever 30 Formula, 30-Pound Bag
Pet Products (Royal Canin)
  • Dog Food for Labrador Retrievers over 15 months old
  • Support healthy joint function and improve mobility
  • Healthy skin and coat development

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Where'd you get yours, wiki?
"The earliest recorded references to the use of small red dogs to attract game is in the writings of Nicholas Denys, a 17th century colonizer of both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Denys does not state where the dogs came from (speculation is Belgium, where they were used to lure waterfowl into nets) but does comment on their retrieving ability which was not present in Europe's dogs. Whether these dogs are the early Toller ancestors, no one knows.
The traditional version of their origin is that a James Allen (or Allan) obtained a liver-colored flat coated retriever in 1860. This dog was crossed with a short coated retriever similar to a Labrador, probably a Lesser St. John's Water Dog (now extinct, but in the backgrounds...

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