Labrador Retriever Puppy Training

September 30, 2013 – 09:18 am

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Within the video Training a Retriever Puppy are invaluable lessons and a TOTALLY new way of looking at how to start your Labrador or Golden Retriever.

Bill explains his way of starting a retriever puppy, to get him started in the right direction.

This beginning training will create habits and form a relationship that will be the foundation for any retrieving activities whether it's hunting ducks, chasing a tennis ball in your backyard, or going into competitive events. The most important part of the beginning stages of Labrador retriever puppy training is to develop a relationship with the puppy that will create a bond or a partnership. This will be based on respect and kindness. This will create a partnership that will last forever. Good training is not one giant lesson, but small and gentle lessons that mold the puppy to be the model that we want.Golden Retrievers If you have the idea of going forward into advanced retriever training or competition this information will be an excellent introduction to the basic program of almost any professional gun dog or retriever trainer.

Training a Retriever Puppy – Revised Edition shows three different retriever puppies being trained in front of the camera. This video does NOT show dogs that are already trained. This is a training method dedicated to how you want your puppy to BE more than what you want your puppy to do. Emphasis is put on keeping your puppy in BALANCE.

Laborador RetrieverNew topics are:

  • Reinforcing the SIT command as compared to making a correction on the SIT command.
  • Introducing “Here” with a line before the puppy is ready for the “Here” command.
  • Using “Fetch” as excitement, making it a game, in essence INTRODUCING the command “Fetch.”
  • Two kinds of puppy marks used before a puppy is steady.
  • A meaningful 5 min indoor session when time is short.
  • Progression of marks with thrower/bird boy, once a puppy is steady, advancing his level of steadiness.
  • Developing a pup’s marking with “walking marks” and the “Firedrill” once he has learned the mechanics of doing a mark.
  • The Y Drill: “We want a dog to learn how to focus on a spot, ” as Bill demonstrated his favorite marking drill.
  • In depth discussion of when Bill likes to use orange bumpers or white bumpers.
  • Homeplate: Bill shows how to teach a dog to “go back to homeplate.” Also an experienced dog with the Homeplate skill runs the Y Drill, essential to develop a great marker.
Geese in pond"I tell all of my puppy buyers that Bill's video is where they can learn to get their puppy started in the right direction, starting them at home. Every retriever puppy owner should have Bill's video. Bill Hillmann's new DVD is a must-have for all retriever enthusiasts; it stands alone with its unique approach to training. This DVD presents the progression of a puppy as he learns and grows with Bill over a period of time. .. the viewer sees the day by day progression of this throughout the duration of the DVD. The bond that develops with Bill is striking to watch and the many tips embedded throughout can benefit novices and experienced trainers as well.
Vicki Lamb - Author, professional trainer and columnist for Retriever Journal, Just Labs, Hunting Retriever and others

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Got a new puppy

Alright I got a new puppy and I would like some opinions, advice, tips, ect. First off the breed. She's a German Short haired Pointer/Black Labrador Retriever mix. I researched the breeds clearly but I want some info from people who have actually owned the breed and what they think of them personally .
Is there an age that you have to wait till to bring your dog on walks and such? I heard you had to keep your dog in until it was 4 months or something because of potential diseases.(Hope isn't the case because I'd like to be able to begin training her on a leash now.) She's had all her vaccines except rabies and has been de-wormed

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