Labrador Retriever Red eyes

Caring for your Labrador Retriever's eyes

November 17, 2014 – 08:47 pm

A wonderful Chocolate Lab

Your Labradors eyes require very little care on your part. On occasions you may wish to gently cleanse around the eye area with a cotton pad soaked in boiled salt water. Never put anything in your dog’s eyes that does not say it is for ophthalmic use. Yellow Labs may get brown stains because of normal tearing and secretions. This problem is usually cosmetic and can sometimes be helped by cleaning with a cotton ball soaked with hydrogen peroxide. Do not get the peroxide in the dog’s eyes because it will burn. Before you do that put a drop of mineral oil in each eye in case you get too close to the eye.

If you Labrador ever develops a blocked tear duct, your veterinarian may have to be the one to flush out his eye. This is not recommend you should do yourself. Dogs can get conjunctivitis and require treatment with an ophthalmic ointment. The whites of the eyes will usually be quite red, and you will see beige or greenish discharge. This discharge can be profuse and can spread from dog to dog. Conjunctivitis may be caused by irritants in the dogs’ environment, virus or bacteria. Get your dog to the veterinarian to get the correct to get the proper medication.

To remove any foreign body from the eye, try flushing it gently with warm water. A sterile saline solution is best to use. You can boil some water, add some salt and let it cool to room temperature and put in a cup. Hold your dog’s eye open as you flush it out. You can also choose to use an eye dropper with the solution in it. If you use an eyedropper be gentle because the pressure might bother the dog and scare him. If you do not get the foreign object out of the dog’s eye, then it is best to call your veterinarian.


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I'm looking for Transport help....PLEASE!

HI there...I run a labrador retriever rescue in Michigan and I am trying to get a sweet black female lab from michigan to her new forever home in Colorado this weekend.
If you can help, please email me or the transport coordinator listed in the body of this email...
Thanks for looking and possibly helping!
March 19 & 20 – Mt. Pleasant, MI – North Platte, NE for Mudge
************************************************** ***
PUP TRANSPORT NEEDED: Mt. Pleasant, MI – North Platte, NE
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