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October 7, 2014 – 05:16 pm

Labrador Retrievers photo

Sierra at 2 years old 6-07



Cheyenne is 21 months old. She is a very laid-back stocky little girl. She is very curious of her surroundings and loves to be around people and kids. We can't wait to see how she grows and develops. We're very please to have her in our home. This is Cheyenne at 9 weeks old. See images below for recent photo.




Taka is our 2 year old (8 months old in the above picture.) She is always alert, holds herself proudly, and has a free spirit. She has the intelligence of her father and the calm, loving disposition of her mother. She is a perfect size, and is filling out nicely. She is the daughter of Vegas and Sierra, our two most popular and beautiful pair!

White Labradors - Cheyenne


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Our family recently purchased a beautiful 2 month PURE BRED Fox Red Labrador Retriever from a reputable breeder whom we had thoroughly researched and handpicked. We put a deposit down on a 1st pick puppy before he was even born because of how healthy and beautiful his family lineage is. When he was born, we were first in line to choose a puppy and we picked the best one! Even though we were expecting him to be a great puppy, we did not realize he would be this incredible. We specifically wanted a beautiful fox red coat and he certainly has that. He is absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and an active little puppy

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