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January 28, 2014 – 10:38 am

Labrador Retriever
E-mail from purchasers from 2011 pups:

Thought I'd shoot you an update on Bogey. He has been an absolute great pup, kennel trained and house broken from the get go, thanks. Managed to pick up his first blind at about 16 weeks, I was pretty proud. Didn't try and hunt over him this year, but his first training trip out to the duck lake, he managed to find a crippled widgeon in the corn we sailed that morning. Force fetch went really well, and he was pretty squared away after about 2 weeks. He is absolutley fearless, takes correction really well, and has just been a really congenial fella to have around. Ran him in 2 hunt tests last weekend, and got the first 2 legs of his JH passed, he's gonna be a stud in the blind this next season.


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Our family recently purchased a beautiful 2 month PURE BRED Fox Red Labrador Retriever from a reputable breeder whom we had thoroughly researched and handpicked. We put a deposit down on a 1st pick puppy before he was even born because of how healthy and beautiful his family lineage is. When he was born, we were first in line to choose a puppy and we picked the best one! Even though we were expecting him to be a great puppy, we did not realize he would be this incredible. We specifically wanted a beautiful fox red coat and he certainly has that. He is absolutely gorgeous, friendly, and an active little puppy

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