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April 22, 2014 – 07:56 am

Mioak's Retrievers
About Mioak's Retrievers

MIOAK'S RETRIEVERS has been breeding guality working dogs for more than 35 years. Most of that time I was actively involved in Field Trials - training, competing, judging, and on the board of directors of retriever clubs. I have bred and owned numerous Field Champions, Master Hunters, and dogs involved with agility, obedience and tracking competition. In fact, many of the breeders on this site started their own kennels with competition and breeding dogs obtained from Mioak's Retrievers. But my primary focus is breeding the best hunting dog I possibly can. A working dog who is healthy, intelligent, full of drive and desire, but also a dog possessing a sound disposition, a willingness to please, and a happy personality. Because, when not hunting, he will spend his time as a calm house dog and loving family companion. All breeding dogs have health clearances, excellent field championship lineage and are chosen carefully to produce that "dog of a lifetime." NOTE: I am proud to announce that a black Lab female, NFC MIOAK'S FABULOUS FLIPPER, won the 2009 National Open Field Trial Championship held Nov. 16-21, 2009 in Dover, Delaware. Flipper was bred and sold as a started dog by Mioak's Retrievers!

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Testimonials (10)

Submitted by: Linda Share on Sep 09, 2013

I met Mickey Strandburg a few months ago, after putting down a 13 year old Golden Retriever. While I’m not a hunter, I was interested in a loving, well trained companion. Mioaks Jack is now 11 weeks old, and continues to amaze me. Not only is he an absolutely beautiful dog that turns heads wherever we go, he has a fabulous personality, and is incredibly smart. I picked him up at 7 weeks, and at the age of 8 weeks he was already going to the door to be let out. At 11 weeks he understands all basic commands, and is becoming even better at following instructions while distracted at the park and pet stores. Mickey has been wonderful at giving advice whenever I call, which is far more often than I care to admit. No matter what the question, she is always happy to give advice and guidance. She told me during the first few days “My job is to make sure you have the best dog possible. Call any anytime.”…and she means it. Mioaks Jack comes with me wherever possible, and no matter where we go there are always people wanting to pet him, commenting on his wonderful personality, and asking for the name of the breeder….which I’m happy to give out.

Submitted by: Steven Schroeder on Feb 26, 2013

We have one of Pippa's pups, Mioaks Chivas Regal, whelped 10/29/11. At 18 months he's well on his way to being a capable field trial competitor. He's been easy to train in the field and in obdience drills. He's an enthusiastic and agressive retriever, but easy to live with at home. This dog is healthy, my first priority. I researched andf called most of the breeders whose dogs fill the record books, and chose Mickey Strandberg because of her committment to breeding healthy long-lived Goldens. She's been helpful and generous in sharing the wisdom gained through thirty years of raising and competing with Goldens. I plan to buy a second Golden puppy from her in the fall. We wanted a healthy happy Golden and got that plus an Olympic Athlete.

Source: www.gundogbreeders.com

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