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Miniature Labrador Retriever Information

October 18, 2013 – 09:09 am

Meet WALABS Silver Bell

Anyone who owns a Miniature Labrador Retriever will tell you that they are some of the cutest and friendliest dogs a person could ever own.

They embody all the characteristics of a regular Labrador Dog but are just much smaller. They're perfect for children and anyone who wants a pet Lab but lacks the space to accommodate a larger dog. Dog First Aid is also much simpler to perform on such a small pooch.

Originally bred as Hunting Labrador dogs, Labrador Retrievers are energetic and fun loving - the perfect combination in a family pet.

If you don't know what they look like, they're the dogs most commonly seen assisting blind people. They're used for this purpose because they're extremely intelligent and they have a fierce loyalty to their masters. They're willing to protect their owner to the very end.

The Miniature Labrador Retriever carries all those same characteristics, but only grows to be about 18 inches tall. If they grow taller than 19 inches they can no longer be classified as miniatures at dog shows, so breeders usually take special care to make sure they stay as small as possible.

What's interesting about them is despite their dwarfism; they resemble a Labrador in every single way. Their coats are even the same colors: yellow, brown, black and theshades of Silver Labrador Retriever, Chocolate Labrador Retriever and theFox Red Labrador.

Like regular Labs, miniature Labs have a strong, wide head and chest with muscular hindquarters and an overall healthy, athletic build. Even though they are so incredibly cute, there are some who criticize the breeding of miniatures.

These people claim that there is nothing inherently dwarfed about the dogs, and they are simply the product of two small Labs breeding. This is described as poor animal breeding, but the argument goes even farther.

Bad breeding is known to cause an excess of physical ailments in the animals' offspring. Labradors in particular are also known to be susceptible to problems in their eyes, hips, and bones, and some say that poorly breeding these animals can exacerbate those conditions, which ultimately is regarded as animal cruelty.

The counterargument is of course that the Miniature Labrador Retriever is completely pure bred, meaning that it is natural for a variation of the species to be so small, and thus there is no way that breeding miniature labs could be animal cruelty.

The American Kennel Club does recognize the Miniature Labrador Retriever as a pure breed, but there is still heated debate over the subject in dog circles.

Because of their small stature, it's easy to get confused between miniature Labs and crossbreeds of Labs with a cocker spaniel, which is often called a Comfort Golden.

Breeders have also successfully bred a Labradoodle with a Poodle and a Lab, which is often confused with the mini Lab.

The Miniature Labrador Retriever is an excellent dog to have around the house. They are great with kids and will make a welcome addition to any family.

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The AKC Stand on Registration of Silver Labrador

The AKC Stand on Registration of Silver Labradors:
Response of Jack Norton of the AKC on 1/24/00 giving AKC official position on the issue of Silver Labs.
The registry of the American Kennel Club is based on parentage and not the coat color of a member of
any breed.
In 1987 the AKC, in corporation with the Labrador Retriever Club of America, conducted an inquiry into the
breeding of litters that contained members that were registered as silver. An AKC representative was sent
to observe these dogs. The report and color photographs of these dogs were reviewed by AKC staff and
representatives of the Labrador Retriever Club of America

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