Silver Labrador Retriever Genetics

Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy Information

December 20, 2013 – 02:17 pm

Breed: Labrador Retriever

So you think you want to get a Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy?

Let me tell you a little about my experience. I was looking to replace the family hunting dog/loyal friend that was a black Labrador. My family hunts dove, quail, duck and geese so we really needed another Labrador because of their hunting ability.

I have a background in veterinary science and have owned many dogs for over twenty-five years, but I had never heard of a silver Labrador retriever puppy. I was skeptical, but not only do I have a major in veterinary science, I also have a minor in genetics.

The Genetic Part

As I did more research I found quite a few places on the Internet where the genetic code for coming up with a silver Labrador retriever puppy could be seen. I don't fully understand it all, but it's obvious if you breed one silver to another silver you will definitely get silver puppies.

Unlike when you breed the blacks, Chocolate Labrador Retriever, yellows and Red Fox Labrador Retrievers.

But if you do breed your Silver Labrador Retriever to another color, most likely twenty-five percent of them will be Silver Labrador Retrievers.

As far as the retriever part goes, our first girl is amazing. We didn't get her until she was almost one. My son and I had taken her to introduce her to my older son whom hunts all the time. It was goose season and the two boys and myself went out to a field full of geese to jump them.

They were quite successful and had about twenty-five downed geese. Some where crippled and the boys were running through the muddy rice field trying to get the downed geese. I yelled at them to remind them that the new dog was in her crate in the SUV.

Why didn't I turn her out?

They said let her out, so I did. I opened up the kennel and away she went! She got all the geese and brought them back to the SUV She ran through the rice stubble and mud without any minor injuries so we didn't have to perform any Dog First Aid, so that made me happy!

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silver labrador retriever pup
silver labrador retriever pup
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Silver Labrador vs. Golden Retriever

There is no such thing as a Silver Lab.

Terms such as "golden", "silver", "blue", "white" or "grey" as variants are not recognised. The term "Golden Labrador" has been used both as an incorrect term for yellow labradors of a golden shade,[26] and also for any Labrador-Golden Retriever crossbreed of any colour, including black.[27] White is a light shade of yellow (officially referred to as 'light cream' or 'pale yellow' in the standard),[10][28][29] and silver is either not recognised or registered as chocolate (though regarded as a major fault and not up to confirmation).[20][10] Claims that some "rare" variants exist or have been verified by DNA testing, or the like, are widely considered to be a 'scam'.[10][30]

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