Silver Labrador Retrievers in Montana

Success 2012 Montana (now Ellie)

August 28, 2013 – 07:07 am

Labrador Retriever Puppy

Two years ago this September, I lost my sweet yellow Lab Olive suddenly to cancer. She was only 9-1/2 years old and, up to that point, had been a very healthy and active girl. It broke my heart and I still miss her every day.

I always knew that I would get another dog someday and wanted to adopt an adult dog rather than a puppy. I started to do research and checked out several rescue organizations, one of which was Brookline which I heard about through the Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club.

I applied late last summer. Once I was approved, I checked out the website regularly and Lynn Brearey kept me updated on available dogs who might be a good match for me and me for them. When I met Ellie at a Meet and Greet, I fell in love with her. I was so happy when Lynn told me that Vicki Stone had selected me to adopt her.

I never thought I could love another dog as much as Olive but Ellie has shown me that you can have room in your heart to love more than one dog, just as you can love more than one person. Now I can’t imagine my life without her.

I’m not sure what her life was like before she came to Brookline with some of her kennel mates but I know she wasn’t socialized. She may always be timid when meeting new people (especially men), going to new places especially with lots of people are around, and loud noises. But, I know she trusts me so she is willing to try and that’s all I ask of her. We continue to take baby steps every day – - it makes me so happy and proud to see her progress.

We’ve accomplished a lot over the last 6 months. Hurricane Sandy arrived the first night I had her. She got spayed in January. We graduated from basic obedience in March but are re-taking the class now to continue her socialization. She loves to be outside and go on hikes (here in NJ and up in the Adirondacks) to sniff all the fun smells. She is really good off-lead when we’re on hikes and will come when called. She’s good in the car and more settled in the house so she doesn’t pace as much as she used to unless something startles her. Her happy place is my bed, followed closely by the couch if I’m sitting on it. She likes to sleep, is a bed hog and often snores.


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There is no such thing as a Silver Lab.

Terms such as "golden", "silver", "blue", "white" or "grey" as variants are not recognised. The term "Golden Labrador" has been used both as an incorrect term for yellow labradors of a golden shade,[26] and also for any Labrador-Golden Retriever crossbreed of any colour, including black.[27] White is a light shade of yellow (officially referred to as 'light cream' or 'pale yellow' in the standard),[10][28][29] and silver is either not recognised or registered as chocolate (though regarded as a major fault and not up to confirmation).[20][10] Claims that some "rare" variants exist or have been verified by DNA testing, or the like, are widely considered to be a 'scam'.[10][30]

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