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Birddog Crazy Kennels
About Birddog Crazy Kennels

Home of UKC and AKC Gypsy Bloodline of Labrador Retrievers and AMERICAN FIELD registered Wanderlust bloodline of English Setters. Breeding the finest possible hunting Labradors and Setters for the home and the field. All dogs used in my breeding program are also O.F.A. CERTIFIED on hips and elbows and have eyes C.E.R.F. cleared . The bloodline of our females Labradors include dogs such as AFC MORGANS GUNSTOCK JET PILOT, FC AFC THE MARATHON MAN, FC AFC GUNSTOCKS CARAMEL CRUNCH, NFC FC AFC SAN JOAQUIN HONCHO, NAFC FC AFC DUDE'S DOUBLE OR NOTHIN, FC AFC SNAKE EYES-DOUBLE OR NOTHIN. The English Setters we use carry American Field bloodlines such as Tomoka, Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, Ghost Train and Orchard Valley Radar, Ace's King, Cash Master, The Performer, Sun Storm, Bozeanns Mosley, Havelock Blacksmith, and Tekoa Mountain Patriot plus other well known setters in their bloodlines including many BIRDDOG HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES. We have access to some other kennels which produce great german shorthairs also. We train puppies and dogs on our private shooting fields. All Labradors and other retrievers are hunted on both waterfowl and upland birds along with the setters and german shorthairs on upland birds. Located in the Lake of the Ozarks area, with many great places to dine or visit at. I have access to shooting preserves owned by friends to hunt pheasant, quail, or chukar at in different parts of the state or we can take you out waterfowl hunting here in the lake area and surrounding areas plus we can make arraingments for a awesome dove/duck/goose hunt in north east arkansas at a friends hunting lodge. Please contact for more info

Hunting Dog Breeds Raised

English Setter, Labrador Retriever

Additional Services

Hunting, Lodging, Meals, Training, Stud Services

Our Pedigrees

Submitted by: jacob hale on Jul 07, 2012

Darla, a blf bought from Mr. Daniel Williams, has proved to be all that and a bag of chips.SIRE FIREHOUSELABS TANKER TRUCK-DAM WANDERLUST OZARKS GYPSY MOLLY. A very brief summary of the pups progress, is as follows.14 week old pup knows obedience commands here, sit, kennel, down heal and obeys two whistle commands. Puppy absolutely loves water and pays no attention to blank- gun noise, amazing no doubt. Will make a top notch companion for my (AKC JR. HUNTER)ylm.I found Mr. Williams to be very forhtright, honest and personable. A guy you can trust.Tanks a million Daniel.

Submitted by: Tony Merritt on Jul 03, 2011

I am the owner of Simms Mountain Kennels and purchased a black female lab pup in December 2010 to introduce into my breeding program. At 3 months of age, phenomenal retrieving ability and desire! Very easy, trainable pup, confirmation was excellent. Maggie will be very able to be put to the test this duck season. Looking very forward to breeding her when she becomes of age to Lean Mac n Cheez Whiz, a direct son of Ebstars Lean Mac that I am standing stud. He has produced a nice litter here in June out of one of my other females. I am looking forward to breeding him to Maggie from Birddog Crazy Kennels!

Submitted by: Mike D Hutzler on Apr 30, 2011

I am very pleased with the black lab male pup I purchase from Daniel. He ( KC ) has been a joy to work with. He want to learn so bad, he stares at you all the time, waiting for that next command. He has been retrieving seen he was 6 weeks old. Retrieved his first bird at 9 weeks. Good breeding is everything. KC has been the easiest pup I have ever trained. KC can sit, stay, wow, retrieve, hunt dead, kennels on command, and love to go for a ride. KC is 16 weeks old, much more advanced then any other pups I have trained. Daniel has been very helpful with any questions that I have had. Hope to do some hunting with Daniel next fall. If you are looking for a friend or hunting companion for years to come, I would call Daniel W.
Mike Hutzler

Submitted by: Ron & Robin Schnare on Sep 09, 2010

We picked up Carbon when she was 14 months old. She is a chocolate lab that has quickly become part of the family. As soon as we saw her we knew we wanted her - she is just gorgeous! She is graceful, lean, has a beautiful color and a Gorgeous head. As far as a family pet she is very laid back and loving. The only thing she likes better than trying to sit on your lap is swimming and hunting. You mention hunting and she will beat you to the truck. She went for the first time last weekend and she was very well mannered and listened for instruction. She has a soft mouth too so she didn't brought back each bird without chewing on it. We have no doubt that she will be fun to take hunting for a long time. We want to thank Daniel for allowing us to bring Carbon home with us and make her part of our family. She is a perfect fit for what we wanted in a dog.

Submitted by: Christy Cerasale on Jun 04, 2010

We got our YLM from Daniel. We named him Kade and he is an awesome lab! He is now 11 weeks old and is already proficient with sit, stay, and down. When introduced to the water for the first time, he jumped right in and even retrieved a bumper thrown about 15ft in the water. He is great in the house as well. He has never gone potty in his crate, and is now sleeping at least 8 hours straight each night. He is also very calm in the house. Daniel was great to work with and is very knowledgable about the breed! I would highly recommend him! We are extremely happy with our experience!!

Submitted by: cinda ford on Apr 11, 2010

I got my Rose from Dan Williams and she is perfect. Dan is very professional and has so much knowledge and truly cares about quality of the dogs he breeds. I recommend him highly.

Submitted by: bob h on Apr 11, 2010

The dog is fantastic, got a great chocolate lab that like to retrieve and very responsive and attentive to me. I recommend Dan to anyone that wants a great dog. Bob H.

Submitted by: Missy L. on Mar 01, 2010

This is the 2nd GSP we have purchased thru Daniel. We have always had a great experience dealing with him. He is very professional and very knowledgable about this breed. His communication and follow-up are outstanding. I like how he calls and checks up on the dog to see how they are doing. I would recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a dog. Thanks!

Submitted by: Mason Stanton on Feb 12, 2010

I just met Mr. Williams at a local hunting preserve, found out he raised labs, and had the pleasure of hunting around his Molly and Rose, 2 very birdy labradors. He helped me find a puppy which was nice since he had non born yet, I came home with the puppy last night, then this am I called Daniel to tell him, I was also going to put a deposit on his up coming litter for I want one of the pup's from his molly girl also. looking forward to the day molly has her pup's. keep me up to date on molly's pregnacy Daniel when you get the chance.


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