Are there white Labrador Retrievers


November 23, 2013 – 06:22 am

White Labrador Retriever

Beautiful Sage is pregnant by our boy Jake. Both are traditional English Blockheads and always produce great looking pups with fantastic personalities. They will be light yellow to white. They will be born about April 26th and will be ready to go to their forever home in mid to late June.

We raise all our pups in our home. From the time our gal gets pregnant she moves into her own room in our house where her whelping box is. She has the run of the house and when she goes into labor she heads for her room and we are right there with her during her labor and through the birth process. When you pick up your puppy they will be eight weeks old, have their first two sets of shots, their AKC registration, their State of Florida Health Certificate, their written guarantee and sales contract and be worm and flea free.

We handle, groom, and care for the pups constantly. They are introduced to children, cats, other dogs and a variety of noises and sights including cows, horses and tractors. They will be very socialized when they are ready to go home with you and their potty training will have already been started. We raise our pups to be friendly, lifelong friends. Dog trainers email us constantly to say how well socialized our puppies are and how easy it is to train them.

Both Jake and Sage are on the property and they, just like their parents, are problem free. Please visit our website to see more pictures and information.

We require a $50 deposit to reserve a puppy with their full cost being $700+tax.

Email Me Here or call 863-398-6941 or 863-398-6943 for an address to mail deposit or to answer any questions. We are located in North Lakeland halfway between Tampa and Orlando


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a black jaguar is NOT a black panther
a PANTHER proper is a black leopard
there are no white or golden Labrador Retrievers:
they only come in yellow, black or chocolate
though the dictionary includes "mountain lion" and "puma" under "panther", the North American big cats are not under the genus "Panthera", but "Felix": I prefer not to refer to a cougar as a "panther"
jaguars, lions, tigers, like leopards, are under the genus "Panthera" (they are the largest cat species and can roar), but again, only a black leopard, to me, is a bona-fide "panther"
there are no brown panthers either: pink ones are cartoon figures only
to me the only true panther is a black leopard of Africa or Southern Asia (a Panthera...

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