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Best HD labrador backgrounds!
This is an amazing collection of beautiful labrador wallpapers!
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- Features -
* Offline access to lots of labrador backgrounds
* You can set any image as wallpaper
* You can crop any wallpaper as you want
* You can save wallpapers on SD card
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* Tablet support
* There is an opportunity to set up the app "labrador wallpapers" on SD card

All pictures are available without internet connection. You just download the app "labrador wallpapers" and you get an access to a great collection of best HD labrador wallpapers.

You can crop picture as you want before you set this picture as wallpaper. Before you set a wallpaper you also can check how the wallpaper will be displayed on a homescreen of your phone or your tablet.

There is an opportunity to share any labrador image from this collection with your friends via any other Android apps. You can post a labrador image on facebook, twitter or other social networks.

The app "labrador wallpapers" works well both on smartphones and tablets.

Install this application and you'll be given an access to great collection of high definition labrador wallpapers!

I hope you enjoyed my app, and I would keep this app free for you.

Source: play.google.com

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Cody (Min Pin), Chata (golden/australian shep.), Buster (pit/rhodesian ridgeback), Chiquita (chihuahua), Macdude (aka: Mack)(labrador), Lola (labrador), Amiee (lhasa apso), Leroy (labrador), Jazzie (chihuahua/yorkie), Romeo (sabel ferret), Juliet (white ferret), Figero (tux, cat), Eclipse (greyhound/lab), Lance (lab/shep./husky), Chad (australian cattle dog), Mary Ann (staffordshire terrier), Harlie (rottweiler), Cezar (rottweiler), Tundra (rottweiler/husky), Sugar (boxer), Penny (bunny), Buddy (labrador mix), bubba (lab/shar pei), Bella (chihuahua), Indy (yorkie), Spud (pug/australian cattle dog), George (jack russel), Beast (rott

white labrador retriever puppiesdazzlerwhitey2
white labrador retriever puppies...dazzlerwhitey2

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