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July 2, 2014 – 12:05 am

Black Labrador Retriever With

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4 week old Labrador Retrievers
4 week old Labrador Retrievers

Here is the kind of puppy they will end up wtih

Newborn puppies
My Golden Retriever/Labrador mix dog just had puppies about a month ago with pure bred Rottweiler. There are 6 puppies left out of a litter of 8.
They have not had their shots yet due to the fact that they are still young. They can eat out of a small bowl now as long as you give them powder milk formula and maybe some soft can food.
They are VERY smart and you can see it from a young age. There are boys and girls and they range from black, brown, tan, and white. Some of them even have blue eyes or blue eye and one brown

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