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Submitted by: Steve Trimble on Feb 17, 2014

I purchased Jake from Maggie back in December 2012. I have always been partial to Labs as we have young grandkids and they are always good with the family as well as great hunting dogs! Jake is no exception as he did a great job this past pheasant season even with down numbers he seemed to find birds for us! As the season progressed he became better and better at finding wouneded birds which is a must as you hate to lose any down birds. Maggie at Hilltop Labs did a great job at preparing Jake for us!

Submitted by: Eric Dideriksen on Feb 05, 2014

I looked for a good lab pup with a good bloodline. I found a great one with Hilltop Labradors. I have had my pup Waylon through his first hunting season. This dog is 100% hunter. He has such a passion and drive. He adds so much enjoyment to every hunt. We are headed to Canada to start off our fall season. Thanks so much Maggie for a great pup and many wonderful memories to come!!!

Submitted by: Mark Gadbaw on Feb 12, 2013

bought a dynamo of a female named Jesse.. great dog.. smart..friendly and obedient. Very impressed with the whole Hilltop experience. Maggie awesome trainer. They have me as customer for LIFE

Submitted by: Zach Larsen on Feb 08, 2013

I purchased my first female and it was also my first Labrador from Maggie a couple years ago. I've had numerous breeds in the past and decided to try a Lab this go round and I'm glad I did. This dog is only 2yrs old and is already out performing many dogs I've hunted with. Incredible obedience and what a nose! I not only trained Bella to hunt birds, but have also trained her to hunt deer horns (Sheds). I WILL be getting another dog from Maggie in the near future.

Submitted by: Erin McKenna on Nov 09, 2012

I bought a lab from maggie and it was the smartest dog I have ever seen. I could shoot an arrow out of my bow in the middle of the corn field and he would bring it back every time, never saw a dog with such a good nose! When I got engaged he carried the ring around his neck, best dog I have ever had!!!

Source: www.gundogbreeders.com

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