Watertown Yellow Labrador Retriever Breeders

November 10, 2014 – 08:24 pm

Yellow Lab Breeding Stocks

Yellow Lab puppies from this breeding stock are truly amazing, they are high energy dogs with great loyalty, hard working, and friendly with kids, this stock is held in very high regard and Countryside Retrievers does everything possible to ensure the purest bloodlines as well as proper care for breeding dogs and puppies.

Wisconsin Lab Puppies For Sale


Tank is a 95 lb. yellow male. He is a very intelligent and an easy trainable dog. He received his first ribbon for hunting 3 months after training. He loves attention and is great with kids. He has a block head and square at the shoulders. He is a very cautious dog who wants to please you in every way and do nothing wrong. He is a very solid, strong and assertive dog.



Ivy is a 3 year old yellow female. Ivy comes from a long line of champion hunting lines including lines from Candlewoods MD Houston. She is a very well behaved dog, good with kids and other animals, smart, loves to retrieve. Posting soon will be her pedigree, OFA, OFEL, CERF, EIC, PRA, and CNM within the next 4-6 months.

Amber is a 60 lb. female. She will be 2 yrs. old on Feb.10, 2008. She is the daughter of Chelsea. She has her mom’s nose and ears and her dad’s long legs and body. She has energy to no end and loves to retrieve what ever she can find. She loves attention and is great with kids.

OFA-Hips (coming soon)
OFA-Elbows (coming soon)

Vanilla is a 55 lb. female. She is almost white except for her ears which are dark. Her coat is silky soft but thick. She throws yellow and chocolate pups. Her yellow pups are a darker yellow. She has an excellent temperament and is great with kids.

OFA-Hips (coming soon)
OFA-Elbows (coming soon)


Riley is a 55 lb. yellow female. She comes from a lineage of master hunters and field trial champions. She is light in color, great temperament, great with kids and other pets. She loves to retrieve anything she can and play keep away from the other dogs.

Documentation (coming soon) RD/OSD


Bullet is an offspring of Snow and Tank and is the brother (littermate) to Jade. Bullet has taken his dads spot in the training this year. Bullet will continue his dad’s legacy of being an outstanding hunter and will start breeding in my lineup next year. Bullet has excelled in his training like his dad. Picture to follow once he comes back from his training in Florida he will remain with his trainer until the fall.

Source: www.countrysideretrievers.com

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Here is the kind of puppy they will end up wtih

Newborn puppies
My Golden Retriever/Labrador mix dog just had puppies about a month ago with pure bred Rottweiler. There are 6 puppies left out of a litter of 8.
They have not had their shots yet due to the fact that they are still young. They can eat out of a small bowl now as long as you give them powder milk formula and maybe some soft can food.
They are VERY smart and you can see it from a young age. There are boys and girls and they range from black, brown, tan, and white. Some of them even have blue eyes or blue eye and one brown

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