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July 15, 2014 – 03:41 am


Labrador Retriever Appearance
Labradors are robust, active dogs able to run and hunt for hours. They have a shiny, coarse coat, brown or hazel eyes, a kind, intelligent expression, and triangular ears that hang down and frame the face. The abdomen tucks up only slightly so the trunk is rather rectangular. There is a small but discernable narrowing over the flanks. The tail is strong and has a wide base. This is called an “otter tail.”

Labrador Retriever Behavior
Naturally active and exuberant, Labs love to be busy and especially love something to chew when they’re resting. Labs are among the easiest to train of all breeds because they are intelligent and are focused on what their human companions want. Because Labs retain their puppy natures until they are nearly 3 years old, some pet guardians lose patience and are tempted to get rough with them or to use shock collars. To elicit the desired behavior from these rambunctious pets, use gentleness and consistency. Keep Labs well exercised and they develop commendable behavior. Suspect painful arthritis or another health problem if a Labrador Retriever begins to bite or becomes irritable.

Labrador Retriever Health (dog breed health problems)

Labrador Retriever Bone and joint diseases (such as arthritis and hip dysplasia)
Providing a natural, holistic diet helps prevent and manage bone and joint problems. Over 10% of Labrador Retrievers has hip dysplasia, but the breeders have been working hard to bring the percentage down.

Labrador Retriever Allergies that predispose them to ear infections
Providing a natural, holistic diet and vaccinating only when necessary and for the fewest diseases helps prevent and manage immune problems, such as allergies.

Labrador Retriever Hypothyroidism
Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism) is easily treated with prescription medication, and many veterinarians believe the likelihood of hypothyroidism is reduced markedly if Labrador Retrievers are not over vaccinated.

Labrador Retriever Obesity
Obesity is controlled with diet and exercise. The natural fat layer that protects Labrador Retrievers from hypothermia when swimming should not be allowed to become a thick layer of padding. Feeding Taste Of The Wild helps prevent obesity.


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I think Collies are beautiful...

And I love to look at them. Would even enjoy playing with one if a friend has one or something. With that said, I personally would not own one. I prefer low maintenance dogs that have simple grooming and brushing requirements. One of the main reasons I love our short haired Chi dogs. :)
I used to think I wanted one when I was young (thank you, TV) but now when I eventually get a new dog, it will be a yellow labrador retriever. Not necessarily purebred, but one that looks like a yellow labrador.

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