Life expectancy of yellow Labrador Retriever

Mix of Labrador Retriever and Great Dane

March 17, 2014 – 06:42 am

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Labradane is a hybrid dog. It is produced crossing two purebred dog labrador retriever/Great Dane. Labradane is also known as Labrador Retriever/Great Dane hybrid dog. Laradanes are the tall, athletic-looking and a slender dog. Good for every climate. Labradane’s life expectancy is 06 to 12 years in general. Labradane life expectancy may vary from the said years. These are just human’s estimations but the final decision is in the hand of divine. Labradane has Flappy Ears and coat is straight with Color Black & White, Black Brown & White, Brown / Chocolate, Dark Light Brown / Golden, White / Cream, Merle / Spotted / Brindle / Speckled. Labradane’s coat is glossy, short and thick. The coat of Labradane is close to the skin thick. It has the single coat but their parent dogs Labradors have double coats. The single coat of Labradanes cannot provide any protection against the elements. The Head of the Labradanes is wide, medium to large sized. The chest is deep.

Labradane (Labrador Retriever/Great Dane hybrid dog) Weight and Height is 100 pound to 180 pounds weight and 60 cm to 75 cm height. These Weights and the Heights may vary. These are depending on the health and the nourishment of the dogs. The Labradanes are the gentle, outgoing, protective, humorous dog. Labradane is very intelligent dog. The Labradanes are like to be dominant over other dogs in the pack. The Labradanes are somewhat wary of strangers but never like to bite anyone. They are so active, lively, attentive and good watchdog. The Labradane is a dog with a good temperament having the characteristics of the both parent dogs. Labradanes may be affectionate and praise and protector of their family. The Labradanes may be good with the home pets and the dogs. Labradanes may be excellent with the children. They are eager to please the owner. In first look the people sometimes shy away due to the heavy size of the Labradane but these dogs are friendly. Now we look into and study the temperament of the Labradane with the qualities of the parent dogs of the Labradane, the Labrador Retriever/Great Dane. They may be good, obedience guarding/watch dog.

Labradane is good with the children even without supervision of an elder. With early age socialization a Labradane may be excellent with children and other pets at home. Always train the children to never tease a dog when they are eating food. When dogs have indulged with their meal they can be dangerous for the children and the other pets too. So to avoid any damage of the dog or the kids/pets you may train the children and the pets. Labradanes have shorthaired, smooth and a soft coat that is easy to groom. Brush and comb should be done on regularly basis (at least once in a week). Always comb the hairs with a solid brush of bristle. Bathe and the shampoo are on the requirement. These dogs are the average shedder. Nail trimming and the Ear cleaning should be carried out regularly. The Labradane is a hybrid dog and hybrids have less health issues than the purebred dogs. Labradane (Labrador Retriever/Great Dane hybrid dog) may prone any health issue of their parent.


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I think Collies are beautiful...

And I love to look at them. Would even enjoy playing with one if a friend has one or something. With that said, I personally would not own one. I prefer low maintenance dogs that have simple grooming and brushing requirements. One of the main reasons I love our short haired Chi dogs. :)
I used to think I wanted one when I was young (thank you, TV) but now when I eventually get a new dog, it will be a yellow labrador retriever. Not necessarily purebred, but one that looks like a yellow labrador.

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