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July 2, 2013 – 10:08 am

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Elbow Dysplasia (Humeral Condylar Osteochondrosis (HCO)

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Condition: Elbow Dysplasia (Humeral Condylar Osteochondrosis)

Related terms: osteochondrosis dissecans. osteochondrosis dessicans, OCD, osteochondritis dissecans (dessicans) of the humeral condyle

Outline: In humeral condylar osteochondrosis, cartilage of the growing elbow joint fails to develop normally and becomes abnormally thickened and damaged. This leads to chronic arthritis of the joint that may be apparent before 6 months of age. It can cause mild to severe chronic pain throughout life and is quite a common disease of Labrador retrievers.

Summary of Information

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1. Brief description

Humeral condylar osteochondrosis (HCO) is a disease that affects cartilage formation. In HCO, cartilage in one part of the elbow joint becomes abnormally thickened and prone to flaking off from the underlying bone (Schwarz 2000, Hazelwinkel and Nap 2009), causing osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease) in the joint.

HCO is often present in affected dogs by 4-10 months of age, but can show later. It may be treated with rest and pain-killers but treatment may need to be life-long. Surgery is usually recommended and this is often undertaken using keyhole surgery techniques using an arthroscope (Shell 2007, Burton and Owen 2008a).

2. Intensity of welfare impact

HCO leads to pain and disability associated with the osteoarthritis. This can be mild to severe (Shell 2007).

3. Duration of welfare impact

The mild to severe welfare impacts that result from the osteoarthritis seen in this disease can be expected to start during the first few months of life and, without successful treatment, to continue for life. Treatment may help but keeping affected dogs free from pain and avoiding disabilities is often challenging (Shell 2007).

4. Number of animals affected

Morgan and others (1999) found elbow dysplasia (of all types – see below) in 18% of Labrador retrievers. More recent estimates put the level at 4 - 5% (Clements et al 2006, Coopman et al 2008). From data on estimates of total dog population in the UK and on the percentage of all micro-chip registered dogs that are Labrador retrievers (Lucy Asher, 2011, personal communication), we estimate that the UK population size of this breed may be around 1 million. It may be, therefore, that there are about 50, 000 with this form of elbow dysplasia in the UK.

5. Diagnosis

For dogs showing signs of elbow dysplasia (a general term covering a number of developmental abnormalities of the joint) determination of cause, its extent and the degree of secondary osteoarthritis requires veterinary examination, including X-rays. In dogs with HCO it is particularly important to check also for the presence of fragmented medial coronoid process (FMCP), as these two problems often coexist (Burton and Owen 2008b). Other diagnostic tests are needed to rule out the presence of concurrent FMCP.

Source: www.ufaw.org.uk

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