Labrador Retriever Dog Breed, Lab

November 28, 2014 – 09:14 pm

The breed tends to shed hair twice annually, or regularly throughout the year in temperate climates. Some labs shed a lot, however individual labs vary. Labrador hair is usually fairly short and straight, and the tail quite broad and strong. The otter-like tail and webbed toes of the Labrador Retriever make them excellent swimmers. Their interwoven coat is also relatively waterproof, providing more assistance for swimming. The tail acts as a rudder for changing direction.

There are three recognized colors for Labs: black (a solid black color), yellow (anything from light cream to gold to "fox-red"), and chocolate (medium to dark brown). There are no such things as silver or golden Labradors, a common mistake for the Yellow variant. There is also a black-and-tan coat type, but this coat color is the least popular as it renders the Labrador un-showable except in the UK.

Puppies of all colors can potentially occur in the same litter. Color is determined primarily by two genes. The first gene (the B locus) determines the density of the coat's pigment granules: dense granules result in a black coat, sparse ones give a chocolate coat. The second (E) locus determines whether the pigment is produced at all. A dog with the recessive e allele will produce little pigment and will be yellow regardless of its genotype at the B locus. Variations in numerous other genes control the subtler details of the coat's coloration, which in yellow Labs varies from white to light gold to a fox red. Chocolate and black Labs' noses will match the coat color.


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Washington near the Canadian Border

Is where I am. I don't have to have a golden retriever or a labrador but I love the yellow dogs and want the right temperament. I just don't want to pay too much:
Money- I think 1250 is a little much for a puppy
Time- Shelter dogs in my area are charging $250 for puppies and they warn you that they weren't properly socialized so they will need extra time and training to be friendly.
I've been looking on petfinder but it is hard to find a puppy and the few I have found they have warned that they would probably have breed

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