7-Year Old Shepherd-Yellow Lab Mix Lipoma Surgery

July 20, 2013 – 11:43 am

raised, round lump under shaved white-yellow skin on a yellow furred lab-shep mixed breed dog

Large, Soft Lump Under the Skin on a Dog’s Right Side

Abigail sat in front of her person, right paw pressing – probably crushing – her mom’s toes as the slightly overweight shepherd-lab mixed breed dog leaned harder on the toes of her mom’s Birkenstocks.

Doc Truli asked the standard “history” questions, “Any coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or loose stool?”

“No, everything is fine, ” said Abigail’s mom.

“Any stiffness, lameness, or lumps or bumps worrying you?” added Doc Truli. At seven, some of the labrador and shepherd dog patients start slowing down on walks.Yellow lab shepherd mix And many, many dogs grow lumps that can hide from the sensitive fingers and sharp eye of a veterinarian. Asking helps get to answers where the physical can be misleading.

“Oh, yeah! I meant to ask you about this, ” Abigail’s mom said, as she spun Abby around until her right side faced the doctor.


Bloody suture line in a dog minutes after skin lump removal surgery.At the time, it didn’t look like much. The fur covered the area. Doc Truli could feel a firm, rounded area under the skin and just to the back of the ribcage. Mom reported it had just shown up one day; she did not remember when.

A needle aspirate cytology (sticking a needle into the area and pulling back on the plunger to encourage a few microscopic samples of the lump to come out and then vigorously pressing the plunger, thus pfoofing the sample onto a glass microscope slide) revealed only greasy fat cells under the magnification of the microscope.

Mom asked the classic question. (Can you guess what it’s going to be?)

“If it’s just fat, why does it feel firm under the skin?”

Good question!

Tru Tip

There’s a thin layer of muscle under the skin in most animals called the panniculus muscle. (pronounced pan-ick-cue-luss).8 inch in diameter, round, flattish, yellow-orange mass on a blue surgery towel. It feels and looks like a surgical breast implant. This muscle makes the fur twitch when you tickle the tips of a dog or cat’s fur on the sides or back (called panniculus response).

Some fatty lumps grow underneath the thin panniculus muscle, instead of just under the skin and over the muscle. The lumps over the muscle, you can get your fingers around the sides and kind of hold them like a golf ball under the skin. The fatty lumps and bumps under the muscle feel firm and you cannot clearly make out the edges.

Scary Differentials (Doctor Speak for “Other Possibilities”)

Maybe you don’t. But Doc Truli will tell you what you absolutely do need – you need a doctor’s diagnosis. Do not read this article and then think you’ve nailed it. A deadly, awful, invasive cancer called hemangiosarcoma can grow under the panniculus and feel exactly the same as a lipoma. For that matter, a liposarcoma (a cancerous, invasive fat cancer), can grow exactly the same as an innocent lipoma, and produce fat on the aspirate cytology test. Your veterinarian puts together all of your pet’s information to arrive at an educated opinion about the lump.

Source: virtuavet.wordpress.com

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